Norbulb – fire protection made in Germany

Hightech Glass Bulbs for Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Highly precise thermobulbs for maximum security

Today effective fire protection without glass bulbs is unthinkable. Glass bulbs are being used as thermally actuating release elements mainly for automatic fire sprinklers, but also for any other temperature actuated mechanism that operates fire fighting devices, such as fire doors, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems as well as CNG safety valves.

Glass bulbs are the perfect element for these applications. They are mechanically extraordinary stable and resistant to temperature shock. They do not suffer from corrosion or diffusion and do not brittle or age. Over the past decades hundreds of millions of glass bulbs have been installed worldwide and proven their dependibility by helping to save innumerable lives and reducing property damage drastically.

We guarantee for our products:

✓ Reliability

✓ Durability

✓ Security

»Glass bulbs will also be referred to as heat responsive element, ampoule, thermo bulb or sprinkler bulb.«

Norbulb Sprinkler Elemente GmbH was founded in 1994 by Norbert Job and Stefan Ay. Within more than 25 years of experience Norbulb has established his technical expertise as a recognised leader in glass bulb technology. Today Norbulb is a global quality supplier of thermally actuating release elements “Made in Germany” to the fire protection industry.

Our products are subjects to the highest standards of:

Operating mode

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Our Headquarter in Norderstedt near Hamburg